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      Any piece of jewelry will retain its beauty and last longer if properly cared for. Sometimes, simply cleaning a piece of jewelry can make it look like new. Ideally, jewelry should be professionally cleaned once a year. Periodic inspection and maintenance of jewelry helps prevent costly repairs or replacements. Look for loose or chipped stones, worn links, bent prongs, or malfunctioning clasps. If a problem is found, the piece should be brought in immediately for repair to prevent more extensive damage or loss.

      King Baby jewelry should only be repaired at professional jewelry repair centers.
      It is our experience that a jeweler unfamiliar with Sterling Silver jewelry can do more harm than good.

      How to Clean Your King Baby Jewelry
      Over time, lotions, powders, soaps, and natural skin oils can make jewelry and gemstones appear dull. Below are some tips for keeping your pieces clean and shiny.

      Cleaning Silver Jewelry
      Sterling silver tarnishes in the presence of common everyday items that contain sulfur, such as leather, rubber, and chlorine. Other elements to be mindful of are air pollutants and salt water. Because these substances cannot be completely avoided, it is recommended that sterling silver be routinely wiped down with the white side of the King Baby polishing cloth that came with your piece. Regular wear of your King Baby sterling silver can also help prevent tarnishing—we recommend that you enjoy and wear your King Baby jewelry every day. When not in use, store your jewelry in the pouch that came with it.

      To remove heavier tarnish, wash your silver jewelry with warm water and mild soap or Connoisseurs® Jewelry Wipes available from

      Never use anything but a clean, nub-free cotton or flannel cloth, a special sterling silver cleaning cloth, or a very soft bristle brush like a baby’s toothbrush. We do not recommend wet silver polish or dip style cleaning solutions, which will remove the antique oxidation that we intentionally apply to many King Baby silver pieces to give them their distinctive look. If more thorough cleaning is required, an authorized jeweler can clean your pieces to restore them to their original condition.

      We recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned once a year.

      Contact Indian on 0393945610 if you require any further information on caring or repairing your Indian Motorcycle Jewelry.